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8 Dec 2017

Mother forced to carry dead son in a plastic bag on a bus (Photos)

A grieving mum was spotted carrying her dead son’s body in a plastic bag on a bus this week.
Why? Because she wanted to take him home to bury him, but could not afford any other mode of transport.
Bereaved mum Silvia Reyes Batalla, 25, was seen with the young boy’s corpse wrapped in plastic when she was travelling from Mexico City.
When asked what she was doing she said that she and her boyfriend Alfonso Refugio Dominguez, 53, were taking the baby – aged three to five months – to her home city of Puebla, 87 miles away. She explained that they wanted to bury him there.
It is understood that the child had died the day before, after suffering from a heart disease. The mum had taken him on a visit to the capital, but he had died.
So she made plans with her partner to travel back home the next day, so their son could be buried.
Bus company staff at first misunderstood the situation and called paramedics, but the officials confirmed the boy had been dead for some time.
Medics added that the mother’s story was quite plausible. Mexican media reported that prosecutors were investigating the cause of death.
It was not clear whether Ms Reyes Batalla was charged with any offence. She is not thought to have been allowed to continue her journey.

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