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1 Dec 2017

Update: "I will fight killers of my brother to the end" - Interview with female lawyer assassinated in Rivers State yesterday

Shortly after the assassination of her brother, Isaac Obe, by yet-to-be identified gunmen, Barrister Mary Obe had vowed to fight his killers to the end. Mary, the younger sister of late Isaac Obe, former President of Eleme Youth Council was gunned down on Thursday.
In this interview granted Godwin Stephen of Inside Eleme Newspaper, months ago,  the lawyer had fingered Princewill Osaronwa Osarojiji, President, Alode Youth Council as the mastermind of the death of her brother. Excerpts below...
Inside Eleme: Recently, we spoke with Osaronwa to find out why he shot Isaac, but he denied completely saying Isaac was mistakenly shot by one of his own boys. He said before the incident occurred, he (Osaronwa) was already in custody of the police. What really is the true position as you have gathered so far?
Mary Obe: Okay, if he is saying Isaac was shot by one of his boys, did he mention the name to you? Who did he say the boy was? Since he was an eyewitness that saw the boy, why didn't he mention the name of the boy to you?
You people have heard from Osaronwa but I am telling you I saw him, not just other people. He was the one that shot my brother, he didn't cover his face, he was the one that shot my brother in my presence so which one is he saying all this. If he is claiming all this, then he would have stayed with the police and assist them to arrest those people if he says it's another person. Why is he running away from the police, why are they covering him up?
Inside Eleme: DON Awala is accusing you of leading the angry youths who went on burning spree, setting houses ablaze following the death of Isaac. What have you to say in this regard?
Mary Obe: Are you aware that there was another person they killed, so do you think that person don't have people that love him who could have carried out the destruction? It was not only my brother that was killed that day. Listen, what he is saying is an after-thought; they just want to cover up the murder of my brother by talking about burnt properties. Will his properties quantify human life that has gone? So, why will I go and destroy his properties. If I were to do anything, it is to go after his life not property. What will property do to me, will that bring my brother to life. Mind you, you are talking to a lawyer, how then will I lead people to burn houses? Am I a youth president, I’m not a youth leader or woman leader. I don't have any office, I'm a legal practitioner. I was mourning the death of my brother. I was even in the hospital that period, we are just six in our family, and two were at the police station making report while I and other boys were at the hospital. So who burnt Hon. Obarido's houses? Before we came back, we saw the whole place, don't you know it was a spontaneous reaction over the death of the person who is Godwin Bassey.
That very day, my brother did not die at the spot, we went to UPTH, they tried to revive him but couldn't before he died. Why will they make such allegation, they will not escape justice that's what I know.

Any how they do it, they will not escape justice. They have a lawyer who has a stock in trade, one Ufoh Romboh. In 2001, similar thing happened, they poured acid on some boys though nobody died, there was spontaneous reaction like this. Do you know what this lawyer did, this
lawyer raised up issue of malicious damage and destruction and looked for a way of bringing down the acid victims, these people were not prosecuted. This lawyer is a pain to the community, he is just out to destroy the community and he will not succeed. They cannot weaken me with all they are doing, they can't weaken me. I will fight and fight the killers of my brother to the end.
Why will I go and burn properties, for what? What is property to us; do they know the value of the person they killed?  If at all I want to carryout jungle justice, it will be on their lives not properties. What will property do to me, is it done anywhere? It's a spontaneous reaction, mind you this person was the Eleme Youth President, the other person they killed also has their people here but they did not point accusing finger. It is me they want to come to, whatever they want, I'm ready for them.
Inside Eleme: Has the family started making plans to commit the body of your brother, Isaac to mother earth?
Mary Obe: So far, no, no money yet. We are still sourcing for funds.
Inside Eleme: We hear the matter is before the police, is it true?
Mary Obe: Yes, it is before the police. They transferred the matter to Abuja, so the police are still handling it.

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